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Audiobooks Portfolio

Dark psychological horrors, whimsical historical romances, epic Sci-Fi, sword and sorcery fantasy and nail-biting action adventures, Nathaniel has narrated over 100 audiobooks for the most prominent publication houses through to up-and-coming independent writers.  Our services range from straight narration to full production, including editing and mastering, depending on your needs. 

Audiobook Narration - From Ink to Broadcast

Nathaniel has been fortunate to work with many publishers and authors including - 

  • Penguin Random House

  • HarperCollins

  • Walker Books

  • iD Audio

  • Ladbroke Audio

  • RNIB

  • Ali Muirden

  • Linda Korn

  • Neil Gardner

  • Morrison Ellis

  • Michele Cobb

  • Vibrance Press

  • StoryTec

  • Audible Studio

  • John Barlow

  • Kevin Crossley-Holland

  • Tom Beckerlegge

  • Biba Pearce

  • Lauren Smith

  • Mark A Cooper

  • George Mahood

  • Justine Covington

... and many more!

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