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The Voice

Hello, I'm Nathaniel, a professionally trained actor and full-time voice artist. Growing up on the edge of the wild North Yorkshire Moors, my soft Yorkshire accent adds a touch of authenticity to my performances. I had the privilege of attending the renowned East 15 Acting school, where I developed a deep understanding of the art of performance, script interpretation, and the creation of compelling characters.

Following my drama school education, I embarked on a journey across continents, continuously refining my craft. From delivering captivating theatrical experiences in schools across Germany to teaching drama internationally in Thailand, I immersed myself in diverse cultural experiences that have enriched my abilities as an actor.

As a full-time voice actor for over three and a half years, I've been fortunate to receive recognition and accolades, including the esteemed One Voice Awards and VOX Awards. These acknowledgments have affirmed my dedication to delivering exceptional voice performances.

Currently, I reside in Suffolk with my loving wife, two wonderful children, and a feline companion named Pip. And, I must admit, I occasionally indulge my inner geek by painting Warhammer models. 

88 Audiobooks produced and narrated. Average at painting Warhammer. Above average at cooking roast potatoes.


The work

Nathaniel is available for the many branches of voiceover including:

• Audiobooks
• TV and Radio Commercials
• E-Learning
• Explainer Videos
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
•Translation Video
• Animation
• Video Games
• Radio Drama
• TV Documentaries


The STudio

Professional home studio equipped with a sound proof vocal booth, a wonderful RODE NT2-A , Audient iD14 and Adobe Audition DAW, Nathaniel can produce wonderfully warm and silky smooth recordings , matching the quality and standard of any large studio producers. With high-quality voice over gear and a genuine British voice, you can expect the best British voiceover produced entirely to suit your needs. 


by Elodie Giuge

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